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This site assists you to work with Quality of Government Institute (QOG) data. The original pdf-codebooks are a bit cumbersome to work with. All data is based on datasets published in January 2021

From the Codebooks menu you can browse and download metadata files for each dataset. Data availability menu has massive html pages for each dataset with a plot for each indicator showing data availability over time for each country.

See rqog-package for direct downloads of QOG data into R and tidymetadata-package for extracting metadata from spss/stata files.

Mail me if any questions!

Remember to cite the data

Dahlberg, Stefan, Sören Holmberg, Bo Rothstein, Natalia Alvarado Pachon & Richard Svensson. 2018. The Quality of Government Basic Dataset, version Jan18. University of Gothenburg: The Quality of Government Institute, doi:10.18157/QoGBasJan18

Copyright (C) 2012-2021 Markus Kainu MIT-licence.


This package is in no way officially related to or endorsed by Quality of Government Institute.

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